Friday, July 6

Trying Something New

Went to the bag sale this morning, but the pickings were slim this month and I decided not to get anything. However, I did have luck with another kind of thrifting. I've lately been looking into home decor/household item DIYs, thanks to endless inspiration from Pinterest and amazing blogs like Something to Be Found. As a result, today's haul comes from beyond the clothing racks!

Navy frame ($1.98), oval mirror-paned tray ($2.98), jewelery box ($3.98), navy & black frame ($0.98), white mug ($0.20), light wooden carved box ($2.50), dark wooden carved box ($2.98), gold embellished box ($3.50).

I can't wait to get to work on some of these items! I've also been in a sewing frenzy today, so I have quite a few refashions to share with you all this upcoming week.

Happy Friday!