Saturday, July 7

Skirt to Shorts Refashion

This was a complete hit or miss project. Luckily it worked out to my favor..I think? This is a skirt from my successful bag sale visit last month (see haul here). I had intended to just trim it down a few inches for a quick and easy alteration, but as you can somewhat tell in the photo above, this skirt wasn't the most flattering on my waist. That and the fact that I already have a red skirt (see post from three days ago) was enough to convince me to take a little risk and try something new. Plus I recently saw this DIY at Cotton&Curls, and it inspired me to try to make some cute high-waisted shorts. 

I didn't document the process very well because I got too caught up in what I was doing! But here's what I did. The skirt had a side zipper, which I turned to the front. I trimmed off a few inches, cut an triangle into the remaining fabric, and sewed along the sides of this with the shorts turned inside out. Then I sewed in the sides as needed and rolled them up to the desired length for a cuff. I made a bow with some of the excess fabric and pinned it on as an optional detail. I dealt with the lining of the skirt at the very end, basically in the same way that the C&C tutorial outlines.

 The end result:

So, thoughts? One flaw with this project was the fact that shorts are simply not made this way. The triangle cut method resulted in the fabric pulling a little more than usual in the front, as you can tell by the pictures. The shorts fit just fine, it's just a stylistic flaw. Perhaps if I had cut the slit a little lower it would have reduced the problem. But for a spur of the moment project that cost me practically nothing, I'd say this turned out pretty well!

Speaking of cost, total cost of project? 30 cents. Gotta love bag sales. :)