Sunday, July 22

Thrift Overload

This is the pile of stuff I found at the thrift store Friday! So many good finds. Here's the breakdown!

Grey Striped Tee ($3.50)
AE Favorite Button Down ($3.50)

Rose colored Blouse w/Swiss Dot Detailing ($3.50)
Old Navy Cardigan ($3.50)
Forever 21 Cardigan ($3.50)
Merona Cardigan ($3.50)
Ann Taylor Loft Cardigan ($3.50)
Charlotte Russe Cardigan
Merona Cardigan ($3.50)
Mossimo Blazer ($4)
Blue Shorts ($3.50)

Red Skirt w/Eyelet Detailing ($3.50)
Vintage Green Skirt with Polka Dots ($3.50)

Vintage Turquoise Skirt ($3.50)
For the record, nobody needs this many cardigans. But they were all so nice that I figured I might as well get them! My mother has her eye on a couple of them and I may list a few for sale online. We'll see. I just know I don't need like 15 cardigans in my closet.

I'm in love with both of the vintage skirts, and I'll probably just shorten them a bit before I wear them. I thought the blue shorts were a skirt on the racks, and when I realized they were actually outdated shorts I decided I'd make them into a skirt. We'll see how that goes!

I also want to replace the plastic buttons on the dusty pink top...they look a bit tacky as is. Just a thought for another potential project. :)

So what do you guys think? Any favorites from this haul?