Wednesday, July 25

Food Post: Honey Jerk Chicken

Made these the other day...I didn't really use a recipe, so I apologize if the following lacks precision in measurements. Which it will. 

Here's what I did:

Took a package of chicken drumsticks and coated with store bought Caribbean jerk seasoning and a bit of salt and pepper. Marinated overnight in the fridge. I also cut most of the skin off--it reduces the fat significantly. 

Placed the drumsticks in a frying pan on medium heat, cooked one minute on each side to brown.

Put in a foil lined cookie sheet and placed in the oven, preheated to 400 degrees. (Foil because I'm lazy and I like an easy clean up).

Baked 15 minutes, flipped, baked another 15 minutes

Took them out, brushed them with a mixture of (approximately) two parts honey, one part soy sauce, and desired amount of cayenne pepper. Baked another 20 minutes.

Pretty easy. They were delicious, by the way. :)