Tuesday, May 29

Food Coma.

I think I might start incorporating some of my cooking adventures into this blog, because let's face it, everything's better when food is involved. Also, I'm just super excited that this turned out well. I roasted a duck today and it turned out amazing. I used this recipe, if you're interested in trying this out yourself! It includes step by step instructions for everything, it's fantastic!

I have some great DIY projects to share with you guys this week, so stick around!


Sunday, May 27

Memorial Day Sales!

There are a ton of great online sales going on this weekend, so I thought I'd highlight a few of the good ones:
If you're looking to update your wardrobe for the summer, now's probably a good time to find some good deals! The Loft discount looks to be especially promising. 

Saturday, May 26

Shirt to Skirt DIY

I got the idea for this project from Sarah over at the wonderful blog The Good Life. Initially I wanted to do the 8 Second Skirt DIY, which consists of just putting on a shirt and tying the sleeves as a bow at the waist. Then I found an XL large shirt at Goodwill at $3.50 and decided to do something a little more complex. I combined the initial inspiration with this other DIY that Sarah did, basing my project loosely around the both of her projects. 

Here's how I made the basic skirt: 

 I then used the sleeves to make peplum ruffles and sewed a black elastic band around the waist. End result:

Total cost of project: $3.50 (plus maybe $1 for the elastic, left over from another project)

Friday, May 25

Toms DIY

I somehow managed to wear a hole through my beloved grey Toms a few months ago, and though I knew I couldn't wear them around with my pinky toe awkwardly sticking out, I wasn't about to throw them out either. Instead, I saw this as an opportunity to get a little creative. They've been sitting around for quite some time, and today I finally got around to fixing them up!

The fabric I used was scrap from shortening this skirt, which I thrifted:
Outfit from this post.
Cost of this project: Free!

Tuesday, May 22

Goodwill Haul 5/20/12

Goodwill haul from two days ago. The striped tops are for a DIY project I want to do, so check back soon to see what become of that!

The Mossimo top is an XS, and I am altering into a girl's top. Several of these other items will be for sale on Ebay shortly, so if you're interested in purchasing them, keep an eye out for listings in the next few days!

Sunday, May 20

Time Flew...And Some Facial Hair Grew

Oh my. It's been a very long time, and I apologize profusely, yet again. This past year of my life has gone by ridiculously fast, and has also been one of the busiest, most challenging, and definitely the most amazing year of my life. That being said, it's finally summer, which means I have a little bit more time on my hands. We've got a lot of catching up to do.

I'll start it off with a DIY...but not a clothing one! I went to Goodwill today (typical.), and bought a wonderful Starbucks plain white coffee mug for 25 cents. I had found this adorable DIY mug idea a few months ago, and have been dying to try it out. So here's the result:

I also may have bought out the entire women's clothing section. We'll leave that for the next post.