Tuesday, July 5

Thrifting Haul (Part 2!)

If you recall, I went on a thrifting trip on Saturday, and I purchased three pencil skirts at the local thrift store for $3.15. Then I went to Goodwill...please don't judge.

Click for larger image
a. Ruffled blue circle skirt ($3.50)
b. Pink pinstriped jacket by Frenchi ($3.50)
c. Blue mix patterned skirt, by Gap ($3.50)
d. Blue brocade textured pencil skirt ($3.50)
e. Striped linen dress, by Delia's ($4)
f. Lace crop top, by Charlotte Russe ($3.50)
g. Chiffon tiered ruffle tank ($3.50)
h. Merino wool dress with lace inset 3/4 sleeves, by Loft ($4)
i. Floral skirt, by French Connection ($3.50)

Items D and E are a little big, I intend to alter them. Item B is a little small for me...purchased for someone else.

I found item G in the adult section, but it's sort of teeny...it either shrunk or it was never supposed to be in the adult section to begin with. I bought that for my sister.

I also got one more thing...

I've always wanted to get a dress that's way too big for me from Goodwill...just for the challenge of cutting it up and refashioning. With something so big and so ridiculous, I'll have plenty of fabric to work with and nothing to miss if I mess it up. :)

We'll see what happens!