Sunday, July 3

My First Ever Bag Sale!

Yesterday I had some free time on my hands and I realized that my local thrift store was having a bag sale. I decided to check it out, not expecting to find much because I've never had much luck there. My expectations were a little off. Here's what I got:

The first one is a grey skirt from the Loft. The second one is a navy blue houndstooth pencil skirt. The third one happens to be a J. Crew Double Serge Wool Skirt in Ochre. :)

I've been wanting a Double Serge ever since I started reading fashion blogs...this skirt seems to be the staple for so many bloggers. But it retails for about $90 and I'd never pay that price. Want to hear how much I got it for?

Both the Loft and J. Crew skirts were included in the bag sale, even though they were priced at $18 at the thrift store. Ironically, the other skirt, priced at $5, wasn't included. The lady at the counter decided to be super nice and include the $5 skirt in the promotion, and instead of charging me $4 for the bag, she only charged me $3.15. So the final cost: $1.05 per skirt.

You have no idea how I excited I am right now.