Friday, July 22

Pretty in Pink (sort of?)

I somehow got it into my head that this dress was coral, but the more I look at it, the more it looks like pink...thus the title of this post.

This was my best DIY ever. I hope that means I'm getting better at this sewing thing...

Click image for larger resolution
Quick summary of the process: I took a dress I already had to give me an idea of how much I'd have to sew it in (image A). I sewed the sides in (image B), and also sewed it in at four other spots, two in the back and two in front (not shown). Then I sewed a hem for the skirt and cut off the excess, leaving a few inches (image C). I hemmed that cut to make a double hem, because I thought that would be cute (image E). With the extra material I cut out cap sleeves (image F), and sewed those on (image G). With the material left over after that, I cut two strips (image H), folded them each in half, sewed along the length, and turned them inside out to make a waist tie (image I). All done!

Initially I wanted to attach the waist tie directly to the front of the dress (it's only pinned on in the photo above), but 1) I ran out of coral thread, so I had to stop, and 2) I realized the dress would look cute with a variety of belts (such as the one below). So I plan on just making two belt loops with the little bit of material I have left in order to accommodate both!

And of course, I wouldn't end this post without telling you the cost of this project: $4

Thank you, Goodwill, for your endless supply of large frumpy dresses.

P.S.- It has pockets!