Wednesday, August 8

A Men's Blazer & Some (Less Odd) Finds

[I have some exciting news! 49 Dresses will be hosting its first giveaway this week. Check back on Friday for the details!]

Last week I went to a local thrift store that I had entirely forgotten the existence of. Good thing I remembered, because this is a pretty good haul! I got all of this stuff for $4, because they sell on a per bag basis. So...that's an average of $0.27 per item. :)

Purple Colorblock Tank Dress

Printed Bubble Hem Dress

Shirt for refashioning

Banana Republic Capris; actually my mother's find, but it went in the bag, therefore it belongs in this post.

White Peasant Blouse

Gray Buttondown Cardigan

Express V-Neck Tee

Forever 21 Hi-Low Dyed Tank

Men's Linen Blazer--for refashion

Vintage Mint Dress, with awkwardly sheer skirt. Refashion.

Vintage Gray Chiffon Dress with Ruffles

Vintage Coral Skirt

Red Leather Belt
Tommy Hilfiger Wedges

Alfani Watercolor Slingbacks
 Half of these are vintage or outdated or just perfect candidates for future refashion projects for whatever other reason. 

The Alfani heels don't even fit me. They were just cute and basically new, so they'll be for sale. Check my store listings for those!

I legitimately think I might be crazy for buying the men's blazer. The fact that I spent the entire afternoon making poor attempts to alter it confirms my suspicions. But it's coming along, and I refuse to give up after putting so much time into it already. Maybe God's trying to teach me some perseverance, I can only hope. Because the alternative is me being ignorant and stubborn. 

But I digress. If I can somehow piece it back together into an acceptable piece of attire I'll post the results without a moment's hesitation. Cross your fingers.