Sunday, August 19

Lots of Stripes

Sorry for disappearing for the past few days! I've been super busy with life and doing a bunch of DIY projects. I've been enlisted to help decorate two nurseries and also had a couple more personal projects to get out of the way, so I've been churning those out like crazy! I can't wait to share a super cool wooden box makeover I did, but today I'll leave you with a Goodwill haul post that I've been rather delayed about posting...

This was a huge haul, with items from Old Navy, Forever 21, Loft, Gap, Delia's, VS Pink, and Urban Outfitters.

I'm especially excited about the mint colored chinos. I've got some more pant alterations to do. :)

Oh, I almost forgot! Everything in this haul cost me $3.50, because I was at the store around closing time and they were in a rush and just counted everything as one unit price. Usually dresses and coats cost more, so that was a wonderful surprise.