Thursday, August 2

J. Crew Cords Refashion [Bootcut to Skinny]

Done altering my J.Crew cords! Bought these the other day from Goodwill (see previous post) because I wanted a pair of cords as well as pair of colored pants. These happen to fit the bill for both. They looked pretty awkward as is, so I knew upon purchase that I was going to have to doing something about it. 

 I always imagined altering pants would be a nightmare, but these weren't bad at all! I just sewed them in along both seams, going the entire length on the inner leg seam and halfway up on the outer leg seam. As shown below w/dashed lines. 

These are about the get worn a lot. Starting today:

Top: Old Navy ($5)
Pants: J.Crew, thrifted ($4)
Shoes: Target, thrifted ($3)

 Cost of project? The $4 I paid for the pants. Which is a pretty good deal for J. Crew, if you ask me.