Monday, August 6


I just found this old outfit post that I never managed to post, which is a shame because I love this dress! I got it last year from Goodwill (where else?) for $4. It was a size 2X, so I sewed it in a few inches on both sides. I still left it fairly loose to maintain a fuller skirt. As a result, it looks like a nightgown without the belt. And I may or may not wear it like that around the house. No shame.

Dress: thrifted ($4)
Shoes: Rainbows ($48)
Belt: thrifted ($1)

I'm sort of obsessed with the embroidery. 

Also, excuse my ridiculously expensive flip flops. It's doesn't help that the rest of my outfit only cost $5...but they were a college-kid-who-walks-everywhere-all-the-time-and-needs-good-shoes investment. If that's a thing, that is. My Sperry's and Toms fit into this category as well. They all do a wonderful job of saving my arches and destroying my budget-friendly outfits.