Thursday, August 9

Sparkly Like A Fish

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I actually sold this top yesterday, I purchased it last week during a season clearance sale at a local boutique. I just felt like I'd absolutely wreck the shirt if I kept it to wear during the year, and be shedding what looks like shiny pink fish scales all over the place, so I bought it for my online shop listings. Still, I figured I'd try on the top before letting it go, and show you how cute it is!

Top: MM Couture, sold
Pants: J. Crew, thrifted
Shoes: Merona, thrifted

It was $66 originally, I sold it for about half that price, which is a steal for such a cute top. Here's a glimpse of what else I got:

Brands: BCBGeneration, Max & Cleo, MM Couture, Aryn K., and Tulle

Most of these are listed in my Ebay store, but I'm keeping the strapless one and the yellow trench for now. If you want any of the others, you may want to snatch them before I change my mind. :) But seriously, because I need to stop expanding my wardrobe.

Also, check back after midnight tonight for our first giveaway, yay!