Wednesday, July 18

New Look & Some Mustard Love

So...I had a creative burst last night and gave the blog design a makeover in 3 hours. What do you guys think? 

Churned out another refashion from the bag sale haul! Successful transformation of an outdated, drab mustard colored silk shirt into something a little more wear-worthy.

 What I did:
An ridiculous amount of ironing.
Goodbye, shoulder pads. 
Rolled up the sleeves twice, hemmed it.
Took off the breast pockets (too big and too square).
Relocated pocket flaps to collar (as a faux bow collar).
Rounded lower hem (had existing side slits, so I just sewed up to the top of the slit).
Sewed the sides in a little bit around the mid-region for shape. 
Sewed a pleat on each side of the buttons.

 It can be worn as is, but I also tried belting it and tying it at the waist.
Shirt: thrifted ($0.30)
Pants: Charlotte Russe ($5)
Shoes: Rack Room ($2.80)

Cost of project: $0.30

I'm thinking this could look really cute with a skirt. Perhaps I'll try that sometime soon.