Monday, February 21

Tweaked (Days 20+21)

Day 20: I used my lace dress as a shirt by layering a skirt over it. My cat decided to crash my outfit photos. She's a little fat (but not as fat as this photo makes her out to be).

Dress: thrifted (yard sale), $2
Skirt: NY&Co, thrifted, $3.50
Cardigan: H&M, $12
Belt: free (came with a dress)
Shoes: thrifted, $2.50
Total Spent: $20

For today's outfit, I tried out a belted scarf trend I've been seeing a lot of.

Top: JCPenney, $7
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe, $5
Jeans: Ross, $8
Scarf: Charlotte Russe, $4.50
Shoes: Ross, $18
Belt: thrifted, $1
Total Spent: $43.50