Friday, February 18


I didn't get to snap my outfit photos today, so I',m sharing a DIY instead and posting Day 18 tomorrow. Not too long ago I was helping with a kids' craft project, and there were a few pieces of lace ribbon left over. It was going to get tossed, so I figured I'd try to do something with it. After a few minutes of toying around with it, I figured out that I could scrunch together one edge of a scrap (each scrap being about 4 inches long), and tie it together with a black ribbon, making half of a bow.  Two halves glued together with a hot glue gun produced a super cute lace bow. I wrapped some more of the black ribbon around it, secured it with a few quick stitches when I got home, and stuck a bobby pin through the back to turn it into a clip! Two of them pinned together makes a flower as well.

Yay for zero-cost DIY projects!

Happy weekend everyone!