Monday, February 7

It's Been One of Those Days...

I woke up today with much less sleep than needed, and I wasn't what you would call fully functional...I can't even begin to tell you how I nearly dozed off today.

And dozed off is exactly what I did when I got home. So I'm going to postpone my Day 7 outfit photos until tomorrow, because I slept until 8:30pm and obviously, it was no longer bright outside.

Instead, I'll do some catching up with a DIY post! A while back, I took a trip to surprise there. Here's the post about it.

In that post, I had already chopped up one of the dresses I had purchased on that trip:

Turned into this...

I loved the way the dress turned out, but I was left with a giant loop of floral chiffon fabric, with which I had no idea what to do. It just so happened that the day before that, a friend of mine was wearing a floral scarf, and I loved it. I decided I needed one of my own. So I tried looping the excess fabric around my neck as you would a circle scarf....

(Note the difference in the pictures...I love this camera.)

And voila! No need to buy a scarf! I didn't even have to hem it, a little help from a bottle of Fray Check did the trick.

Then I was left with only one part of the dress that I hadn't dealt with yet: shoulder pads. I usually cut them off of my thrift store finds and throw them out. But this recent haul from Goodwill had quite a few shoulder pads and I started to feel bad about throwing them out, because I'm ridiculous like that.

I cut the edge/hem of the shoulder pads off, took out the padding and threw it away, and was left with 4 circles of chiffon/mesh like fabric. After some thought I had an idea and started to sew them together, into this:

And that's how I turned a $4 drab old dress into an updated dress, a cute scarf, and a gorgeous accessory. :)