Friday, February 25

Bringing Out My Inner Geek (Days 24+25)

I had some fun with some dork glasses I dug out yesterday. So here are the photos, for your entertainment.

Top: H&M, $8
Jacket: Target, thrifted, $3.50
Jeans: Ross, $10
Boots: Deb, $10
Flower: Free (I made it here)
Glasses: Free! (gift)
Total Spent: $31.50

Day 25, which looks oddly equestrian-y:

Dress: Forever 21, thrifted, $4
Jacket: Target, thrifted, $3.50
Boots: Deb, $10
Belt: thrifted, $1
Scarf: Free (as explained here)
Tights: Charlotte Russe, $3.50
Total Spent: $22