Friday, November 30

New Things

Oh Friday. How I love you so. 
This week has been crazy, so thank you guys for hanging in there and being patient with me! 
I've got some pretty cool things to show you soon, like the plane-shaped cookie I made last night. It's pretty fantastic, you'll see. 
But for today we'll stick with a good old outfit post. :) 

Top: thrifted, DIY ($0.27)
Cardigan: Merona, thrifted ($3.50)
Pants: Rugged Wearhouse ($17)
Shoes: Target, $6

I got these fantastic polka dot pants last weekend. They were actually a bit of a splurge, at $17. Of course, I use the term "splurge" in a relative perspective, compared to my typical budget, not the typical retail price for jeans. But I think they were worth the price. :)

Did I mention they're reversible? They're reversible. Which is a little bit weird, but also pretty cool. The other side is just plain dark wash navy. I told myself I was technically buying two pairs of pants for $17.

The shoes are also new! Got them on clearance at Target for a little less than $6. I love the color, and they're suede. Classy.