Sunday, November 4

New Dress

I hope everyone enjoyed their extra hour of sleep today!
 I got a new dress in the mail this week, courtesy of eShakti, an online clothing line that has a ready-to-wear line of women's clothing that is fully customizable. You can select your preferences on the site in terms of length, sleeve style, bust/waist measurements, etc, or you can just order in a standard size.

I personally think that's pretty cool. :)

But anyway, I'm really happy with the dress. I can be pretty weary about ordering things online, especially from brands I don't know well. So this turned out wonderfully! 

Dress: eShakti (free)
Shoes: Banana Republic, thrifted ($6)
Tights: Charlotte Russe ($3)
Belt: thrifted ($1)

All dressed up for Sunday. Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend!