Sunday, March 13


I hadn't had a chance to wear my yellow floral skirt from an earlier Goodwill haul yet, so today I decided to do so. It was windy, so please excuse the dysfunctional pictures.

Top: H&M, $8
Skirt: thrifted, $3.50
Shoes: By Joey, from Ross, $12.99
Belt: Free (came with a dress)

This is an outfit from earlier this week:

Top: American Eagle, thrifted, $3.50
Cardigan: Forever 21, $12
Skirt: NY & Co., thrifted, $3.50
Shoes: Charlotte Russe, thrifted, $2.50
Headband: Rugged Wearhouse, $1.99
Belt: thrifted, $1

Also, here's the other rope headband I got last Saturday, as well as the third headband I bought.