Tuesday, March 22

A Little Art Lesson

 Top: Charlotte Russe, $10
Skirt (as dress): thrifted, $3.50
Shoes: Nine West, from Ross, $17.99
Belt: Free (came with a dress)

I found this skirt at the thrift store last fall, and I fell in love with its print. It reminds me of Matisse's paintings. It's an awkward length and I never got around to hemming it shorter, so it sat in my closet until I got the idea of wearing it as a dress. The lace tank was perfect for making it a little more modest.

Images from picassoandmatisse.com

These are some Matisse paintings. See where I'm coming from? And since I'm going off about art right now, I might as well mention these cool shoes by Christian Louboutin...which are inspired by Mondrian's paintings.

Image from geometricsleep.com

Image from overstockart.com