Saturday, March 5

Best Deal Ever

I've never liked Rugged Wearhouse. To me, its always looked a little sketchy with its handwritten signs and abundance of incredibly unclassy attire. But after a few successful shopping experiences such as the one from two days ago, I've had a change of heart. And as of today, I absolutely love it. A rack of Anthropologie dresses can do that to a person.

I purchased three dresses, and I looked them up online when I got home and found their original retail prices. As it turns out, all three dresses together are worth $498. I may or may not have gotten all three for $60 total. :) Here they are:

Southward Stop Dress by Maeve.
Cascading Foliage Dress by Anna Sui

Traversing Dress by Moulinette Souers
(Image credits to Google Images)

I am so so so excited about these finds. The first one has a really unique print with sparrows and deer on it, and the last one has eyelet cutouts and the back has a cute button up detailing.

Here's the catch...the reason why these gorgeous dresses ended up in a discount store. First of all, these are all last season (which makes no difference to me). Also...
  • The first one I purchased has what seems to be an accidental cut on the right sleeve (can be easily sewn/fixed). 
  • The second one has two small inkspot stains near the bottom of the dress, but they're both unnoticeable because they're on the lining layer.
  • With the third dress, the scarf belt was missing. But to be honest, I actually like it better without the belt.
So there we are. My best good deals ever (at least to this day).

I actually got a couple of other things, at Rugged as well as Goodwill. But we'll get to that another day. This is enough excitement for one day, right?