Sunday, October 7

Old Pleated Shirt Refashion!

 I got this outdated shirt from a local thrift store a few months ago. It was purchased in a bag sale, so the cost averaged out to be about $0.27. Pretty good deal, I'd say!

I thought this shirt would need a lot of work, but after some quick alterations it already looked much better, so I decided to stop before I got myself into a time-consuming, unnecessary mess.

All I really did was take out the should pads and cut off the sleeves. I hemmed the sleeves, obviously. I also sewed the sides in a little because it ran big. 

I paired it with my pleated Cynthia Rowley skirt and it looked pretty darn cute. :)  

 Top: thrifted, DIY ($0.27)
Skirt: Cynthia Rowley ($15)
Blazer: Target, thrifted ($4)
Shoes: Banana Republic, thrifted ($8)

I'd like to point out that these kinds of outdated button down shirts are ridiculously easy to find. So go to your nearest thrift store and you'll probably run across one within five minutes of hitting the racks. :)