Thursday, August 18

More Thrift Store Finds

a. Turquoise dress from Gap, has embroidered neckline. ($4)
b. Green Calvin Klein dress, has embroidered straps ($4)
c. Orange shirt from Old Navy...I need to wear orange for an upcoming event and I realized I didn't have any! So problem solved. ($3.50)
d. Pink pants from Moda International...I just wanted colorful pants. ($3.50)
e. Printed sleeveless blouse from NY&Co, with scarf tie collar. The picture doesn't do it justice, but you'll see an outfit post on it later! ($3.50)
f. Navy polka dot blouse from American Eagle ($3.50)
g. Yellow chinos from Gap. I loved these so much I bought them even though they're too big for me. I'll probably butcher these in the process of trying to alter them...but I'm going to try. ($3.50)
h. Cute dark navy vintage-y bag. ($2)